What Do You Get From A Canister Of Wildfire Pepper Gel?

What do you get from a canister of Wildfire Pepper Gel?

First of all, you get a powerful tool for self defense, allowing you to defend yourself at a distance with a brutally effective form of defense spray.

Inside a two ounce canister of Wildfire pepper gel, you have enough of the gel for six to eight, one second bursts.  The most effective range for the spray is between eight to ten feet and once the spray hits the target, RUN! The point of the spray is to enable you to get away, not sit and watch the assailant writhe in agony.

Wildfire pepper gel is an inflammatory agent.  Along with temporary blindness, it will cause the assailant to cough, choke and feel nauseous.  Breathing will be difficult as well.  A one second shot of Wildfire pepper spray gel will grant you up to 45 minutes of incapacitation without causing damage that would be permanent.

Wildfire uses the purest grade oleoresin capsicum in the gel suspension formula.  It also contains a UV identifying dye to make it simple for the police to positively identify your attacker.

Each of these things combine to make Wildfire pepper gel one of the finest self defense sprays you can get today!