Comparing OC Sprays With Other Types Of Defense Spray (CS and CN)

What makes OC sprays the most effective of the three main types of defense spray and why should it be the only one that you consider using?  The answer to that question could be the difference in walking away from a confrontation and an ambulance taking you away.  Let’s look at the effects of the different sprays.

The way that CS and CN work is through membrane tissue irritation.   When the sprays containing these irritants are used, it could take up to 30 seconds to be effective on the assailant.  In cases involving people who are drunk, out of their right mind, on drugs or otherwise impervious to pain, there may be no effect at all.  Police officers have recounted many multiples of cases where CS or CN products, that were used as defence sprays, totally failed.  The possibility of the CS or CN sprays failing to subdue the attacker if they can’t feel pain, and the fact that more than five seconds is an eternity when the assailant is brandishing a knife against you, make these sprays undesirable for use for anyone other than trained officers with other forms of backup available.  These types of sprays also take a longer time to dissipate

Wildfire Pepper Spray Gel uses an 18% OC formulation.  The OC compound does not act as an irritant.  Rather, it acts as an inflammatory agent.  The difference between the two is night and day.  Where CS and CN sprays may fail, OC sprays cause involuntary actions that cannot be stopped.  When someone is sprayed with OC, their eyes slam shut.  On the off chance that they are able to force their eyelids open, they find the capillaries in their eyeballs are dilated which causes temporary blindness and once again, they can do nothing about it.  The OC also also causes the breathing tissues to inflame making the assailant uncontrollably cough and restricts normal breathing making it difficult to do anything other than concentrate on getting that next breath.  This is the case whether the person is drunk, on drugs, out of their right mind or in a perfectly normal state.  OC pepper sprays don’t play favorites.  They work on everyone.

CN and CS sprays also take a longer amount of time to dissipate and wear off, sometimes days before the chemical residue wears off!  Toxic reactions and long term skin problems have been noted with these sprays as well.  OC sprays generally wear off in about 45 minutes or so, with the exception being a possible UV dye being an ingredient.  If so, the dye will stay in place for a few days, making the identifying of a culprit much easier for the police.  After effects are minimized and the assailant fully recovers.

OC pepper sprays are more effective than CS and CN sprays, hands down.